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Hello and welcome to Writing Pilgrimage,

This is a place where you can relax, read, and hopefully express your love of literature.

It is always great to have goals in life. Everything has a process and when you have a clear target that you’re aiming towards than that process becomes much clearer and easier than it was before.

My goal, for a long time now, has been to become a published author. I want to write novels that will define a person’s childhood. I want to encourage imagination and open peoples’ eyes to concepts that they never knew,  they never knew. I want to be remembered like Wilde, Blyton, or Wilson. I want my epitaph to be memorable. I want the worlds I envision to become a reality in print.

To set that goal I’ve done many things. I’ve written many fictional stories, some long and some short. I have published them online. I’ve entered some of my works into competitions and admittedly I have failed a lot more than I have won, but I have never stopped trying.

My goal is to publish a novel by the age of 20. I am slowly but surely working towards that goal and I am writing constantly and I am mind-mapping ideas whilst juggling my studies.

I have made my website because I wanted a place to post some of my novels and short stories, but also I wanted to create a platform to motivate myself and build myself as a writer and also help others build as writers too.

That is why I have made my website and I hope you can enjoy your time on it.

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Alexia Barrett

Journalism student at Cardiff University. Aspiring Broadcast Journalist, Foreign Correspondent, and Novelist.

November 2019
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